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Dielectric Thin Film Deposition

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Anatech USA 13.56 MHz. RF power generator sputter systems are ideal for RF and RF Reactive Sputtering requirements. Manual or Auto-Matching RF networks are offered on our standard platform systems.  

Anatech systems are Highly Customizable. Anatech offers a multitude of Options from which to select. The customer has the ability to add features to enhance performance and function based on need and budget. 

Power Supply Ratings from DC 500-watts to 5000-watts. RF generators from 300-watts to 5000-watts Auto-matching or Manually tuned networks to control reflected power concentrates energy at the target.

Flex-Mounted multi-source arrays with 0-30 degrees variable angle of incidence for aiming

Contact one of our process specialists at the systems division to help you qualify our equipment for your application.

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Hummer 6.6 RF Turbo:

This bench-top sputtering system is turbo pumped and designed for RF and RF Reactive depositon of dielectric materials. A full list of Options allows the customer to add DC power , multiple sources or other functional enhancements.

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