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Hummer 8.0 Sputter System - SEM Sample Preparation

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Hummer® 8.0 Sputter Coater For Sem Sample Preparation.  Three (3) targets and Three (3) power supplies.

  • Complete package ready for coating includes; etch cathode, mechanical pump and oil, system manual
  • Noble Metal Targets Available: Gold, Silver, Palladium, Gold/Palladium and Platinum
  • Single cabinet design with all assemblies in the cabinetry.
  • Integral dual stage, direct drive, rotary vane 3.8 cfm vacuum pump.
  • Manually controlled operation in plate mode.
  • Pulse mode of operation for 50% duty cycle.
  • Independently controllable, 3000 volt, 30 milliamperes power supplies, three (3).
  • End point by time, 1 to 14 minutes.
  • Anode and dark space shield attract heat bearing electrons away from the sample.
  • Magnet deflects electrons into anode and dark space shield.
  • Targets (3) 75 mm x 50 mm annulus, each.
  • Safety Interlock Hardware for vacuum and high voltage.
  • Automatic vent at process termination.
  • Stage diameter accommodates up to 200 mm diameter substrates.
  • Grain size less than 2 nanometers.
  • Plus/minus 20% non-uniformity over 200 mm diameter substrates with rotation of the sample. Better uniformity for smaller substrates by varying voltage applied to sputter sources
  • Chamber 300 mm diameter x 200 mm height.
  • Chamber is annealed, ends are ground, polished and re-annealed.
  • System is 559 mm x 508 mm x 356 mm. (w,d,h)
  • Digital display of vacuum.
  • Analog display of current.
  • Heat rise at the sample can be limited to 2° C.
  • Turbomolecular pump
  • Digital Thickness Monitor, 1 to 999nm
  • Gauges