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Metal Thin Film Deposition

Download 8.1,2,3 Series PDF:

Anatech USA manufactures sputtering systems for Laboratory, R&D and Pilot Production. We begin with a basic-system platform and create a custom system that is designed for your process and production needs.

Manually Operated
or Fully Automated systems are all available at Anatech USA. A full complement of Options are offered, enabling our customers, to tailor a system to meet your specific requirements and budget.  

Anatech USA Sputter Systems:
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) preparation has 3-sizes available (6.2, 6.6 and 8.0).

Bench-Top Laboratory Turbo
pump models with DC and/or RF power, (6.6 Turbo DC, 6.6 Turbo RF).

Cylindrical Chamber Free-Standing systems beginning at 12-inches in diameter with DC and RF power generation (8.1 DC, 8.2 RF and 8.3 DC/RF)

"D" shaped Box Chambers (BC-16, 20, 24, and 30). BC Series systems in sputter-down or sputter-up configurations. Single or multiple sources in round or rectrangular geometries. PLC "Touch-Panel automated controls with manual control over-ride. Pumping packages using Turbo, Cyrogenic or Diffusion pumps.      

Contact one of our process specialists at the systems division to help you qualify our equipment for your application.

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Download 8.3 DUAL SOURCE PDF:

Photo: Hummer 8.3 DC/RF Dual Source System. Optional Chiller shown

Hummer 8.1, 2, 3 Series Sputter System

Hummer 8.1, 2, 3 Turbo

This series of systems comes complete with mechanical pump and can be configured with DC, RF or DC/RF power. Single or multiple sources can be selected.

Highly customizable using a full complement of optional components. Capable of depositing metals and dielectric materials. Front load door provides easy-loading access to the sample stage.