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Plasma Ashing

SCE100 Side closed Web(cyd7a4)

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Anatech USA's SCE-100 Series Inductively Coupled (ICP) Plasma systems are extremely effecitve for a Plasma Ashing process to remove organics prior to SEM and/or chemical analysis of remaining inorganics. SCE-104, 106 and 108.

A typical application is Ashing away organic material from air entrapment filters used in the mining industry. Contaminant Entrapment  Filters, are used in evaluating and analyzing contamination levels contained in the miners circulating air supply. The filters are placed in an Anatech ICP system and reduced to the basic contaminants.


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Model SCE-604 ICP is designed to plasma ash one (1) to four (4) samples during the same process run. Each quartz chamber is independantly sealed during the process cycle to prevent cross contamination.

Quartz Chamber dimensions are 4-inches diameter x 8-inches long.