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Photomask Descum

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Photoresist is used in wafer fabrication to transfer a circuit pattern onto the wafer. Once the photoresist pattern is applied, remaining photoresist must be removed from the photomask before it is used again.

Gas Plasma stripping a dry chemistry process, is an environmentally friendly way of removing photoresist from the photomask.

Wet chemistry may be used, but the danger and expense associated with handling wet chemicals are significant, and wet process leaves residues (scum) that can interfere with the next use. If wet process is used, gas plasma cleaning is the preferred method to remove wet residue.


SCE-150 Quartz Barrel Plasma System:

The ideal bench-top plasma system with 600-watts of RF power at 13.56 MHz..
Siemens S-7 Industral PLC "Touch-Panel" controller makes use and recipe storage easy.
Password Protected security ensures access limitation to unauthorized personnel.


Interior view of SCE-150 De-Scum:

Planar Plate Shelf arrangement inside the SCE-150 quartz barrel plasma system effectively removes unwanted photo resist by creating "directional" anisotropic plasma energy.