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Shipping Instructions

Avoid Damage:
Pack each component individually, so they will not touch each other.
Metal components can damage one another if they are allowed to contact each other.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Wrap parts well in foam sheets or paper and pack tightly to prevent movement when the package is handled or dropped by the shipper.
  2. Wrap components in bubble wrap or mesh plastic.
  3. Place in hard-sided containers made of corrugated cardboard, plastic, or wood.
  4. Use container lids that can be repeatedly reused and secured.

Avoid Loss:
50 lb maximum - Practical weight limit of each package.
To minimize chance of damage, limit to 30 lb.
Use triple wall corrugated containers if package weight is more than 30 lbs.

If components can oxidize, they need to be protected from the atmosphere. Light oil works best. Let us know if another protectant is used, and the best way to remove the protectant.
Use moderate amounts of oil; excessive oil can leak through paper and cardboard packaging, weakening the exterior cardboard box and increasing the chance for the box to break open and spill contents.

Chemically-treated paper works well to protect steel components shipped dry.
Consult your professional packaging consultant for more information.